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Grand-Pop's "Nova Scotia" Will Give You a Sore Neck and Throat But in a Good Way

Here's what can happen when you enter a damp room with export lager, a reasonably serious asbestos problem and a single guitar riff.


Rewatching "Personal Best," an Almost-Great Olympic Decathlon Romance

In "Personal Best," the legendary writer Robert Towne set out to make an honest lesbian romance and a movie about training for the Olympics. He sort of succeeded.


Premiere: Stream Personal Best's Debut Album 'Arnos Vale'

Ripping power-pop that will rid your soul of all negative vibes.


PREMIERE: Personal Best - “The Mission / If You Meet Someone In Love (Wish Them Well)”

This power-pop trio have struck the perfect balance of righteous riffs and melodic hooks, harking back to the glory days of 90s college rock.