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This Bot Tweets Photos and Names of People Who Bought 'Drugs' on Venmo

Venmo transaction data is public by default. But a programmer has taken that data stream and is tweeting the username and photos of users who buy 'drugs'.


Facebook Will Let You Stop It From Collecting Your Internet Browsing Habits

Mark Zuckerberg announced a new tool that will let Facebook users clear their web browsing history, and opt out of future tracking.


Startups Want to Use the Blockchain to Take Our Data Out of Uber's Hands

Plenty of blockchain startups are overhyped, but some see transportation as an area where they can thrive.


VICE Morning Bulletin

American Otto Warmbier dies after release from North Korea, Senate Democrats hold "talk-a-thon" against Trumpcare, special election day in Georgia, and more.


​I Asked People on Craigslist Why They’re Giving Up and Selling Their FitBit

The intense dedication to tracking your every move just isn’t sustainable.


How to Ask Dating Apps and Fitness Trackers For Your Personal Data (in Canada)

Canada's superior privacy laws are a good reminder of where the US falls short.


Uber Knows Too Much About You

The kind of data that Uber has access to—even if it’s not, say, the actual contents of your email or the actual conversations you’re having on your phone—is extremely invasive.


Hacker Publishes Personal Info of 20,000 FBI Agents

As promised, hacker publishes personal information of 20,000 FBI agents, allegedly stolen from a hacked Department of Justice computer.


Hackers Are Sharing Reams of US Voter Data on the Dark Web

Even the most basic personal information can be of interest to hackers.


Europe Wants to Make Kids Under 16 Get Parental Permission to Use Social Media

A last-minute amendment to the EU’s new data protection regulations says teens who want to join Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram need approval from their parents.


Ransom Demanded from UK's TalkTalk After Third Cyberattack This Year

The personal data of the company's 4 million customers may be at risk.


Samsung: Your Samsung Pay Personal Data Was Not Hacked

The Korean giant moves quickly to allay fears that its recently launched mobile payment service was hacked.