personal history

Social Media

I Went Through All of My Old Tweets and Was Horrified by What I Found

Deleting my tweets one at a time was an education in self-loathing and shame—and 100-percent worth it.
Eve Peyser

The Things I Can’t Ask My Mother

A story of love, addiction, gay marriage, and forgiveness.
Franki Elliot
Views My Own

I've Helped Separate Kids from Parents in Court, So I Know How Awful It Is

The job was among the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.
Issac J. Bailey

My Awful, Profitable 18 Months as a Trump-Obsessed Journalist

Has Donald Trump becoming president been bad for the world but good for my career?
Oscar Rickett
personal finance

I Bought a Condo and It Ruined My Life

Nearly a decade after the collapse of the housing bubble, I'm still feeling the consequences.
Mike Tunison
Life Inside

I Can't Visit My Sons in Prison Because of My Unpaid Traffic Tickets

A mother facing terminal cancer and debts she'll never be able to pay wonders if she'll ever see her incarcerated children again.
Joyce Davis

Fear, Flooding, Harvey, and Me

How I learned to fear the rain.
Michael Patrick Welch

What My Father the Pathological Liar Taught Me About Trump

Life under the new president has been unsettling, but also strangely familiar.
Matthew Callan
Ain't No Grave

A Portrait of Coal Town on the Brink of Death

A failing coal industry has left many residents of West Virginia with few options: move away, die, or try to scrape out a future in an unforgiving economic climate.
Jacob S. Knabb

When I Was a Boy, the Internet Made Me a Man

If practice makes perfect, I'm the Tiger Woods of finding memes.
Jeremy Gordon
The Magic Hour Issue

How to Beat a Lie Detector Test

A story of illegal drugs, youthful mistakes, Texas prison, polygraph machines, a Jewish mother, and one road trip gone extremely awry.
Theodore Ross

My Time as a 'Cool' Substitute Teacher and a Complete Trainwreck

I showed up hungover, sent kids to Starbucks for coffee, and let my students do whatever they wanted. They loved me.
Tess Barker