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Families Tell Us Why They Decided to ‘Bury’ a Loved One in Space

Celestis is the first and only private company to have successfully launched a memorial spaceflight.
Frank White
sex work

Sex Workers Describe the Moment They Told Friends and Family What They Do

"Mom cried when I told her, and blamed her parenting for the choices I'd made."
Samantha Howard

Sad Thanksgiving Stories We Hope Are Worse Than What Goes Down This Year

There's always the potential for disaster during Thanksgiving, and this year's more of a powder keg than usual. These stories will make you forget the pilgrim fairy tales, talking politics with your family, and the saturated fat.
Patrick Lyons and Caroline Thompson

Gay Men Share What It's Like Taking Female Friends to Get Abortions

We asked gay men who’ve taken their friends to get abortions what it was like to be a clueless yet comforting presence at the local clinic.
Steven Blum

How to Take Your Attempted Rapist to Court and Win

There is no shortage of horror stories about women seeking justice against their attacker and coming up short. But there are also stories of women who triumph. This is one of them.
Natasha Vargas-Cooper

I Asked New York Cabbies Who They Were Talking to on the Phone

For many cab drivers, chatting with someone through a Bluetooth isn't just a form of entertainment, it's a way to stay sane.
Alex Norcia

People in Relationships Remember What It Was Like to Move in with Someone for the First Time

"Living with a partner is easily the best thing I've ever done. It has made my life better in every possible way​... But I fucking hate that she never refills the ice tray. It's not that hard. Jesus."
Zach Sokol

Why You Shouldn’t Marry Someone You Met on the Internet

I married someone to fill a void in my life, and he just made that void larger until I was finally strong enough to leave.
Megan Koester

Remembering Your First Heartbreak Can Be Brutal

In the latest episode of the ENTITLEMENT Podcast, Alison Stevenson talks to comedian Dave Ross about the first time they got their hearts broken by someone they love.
Alison Stevenson
Girl Writer

My Neverending Struggle to Accept My Weight

After more than a decade of struggling to come to terms with my body, I finally feel OK.
Alison Stevenson

Dan Harmon Discusses His New Documentary, Addiction, and Going to Therapy

The creator of Community tells us about why he's such an open book on the internet and teases the documentary about his Harmontown podcast tour.
Nat Towsen

I Ghostwrite Chinese Students' Ivy League Admissions Essays

When you think about your future multi-million dollar shipping moguls and up-and-coming diplomats, please remember a small handful of them probably received their Ivy League degrees thanks to me.
Eunice Park