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    • 9.10.12

      Party Time!

      For progressives, there was plenty to love about the Democratic National Convention. There was gay rightsing, shaming Republicans for failure with women, and Bill Clinton flamethrowing statistics like he was at Burning Man. But there was one troubling...

    • 8.20.12

      Cold Politics

      Russia really pushed for their new trend against tolerance last week, racking up offenses against freedom of expression, feminism, and gay rights. Allow me to parse what all this bullshit means.

    • 8.13.12

      Personal Protest

      There's been no area more affected by religion and religious ideas throughout history than that of the genitals. Not only are the men of God obsessed with secular privates, they've historically also been extremely interested in the protection of their...

    • 7.30.12

      A Hero in Someone's Mind

      By using the ol' “Bible/Koran/Torah/whatever-the-fuck says so” get-away-with-anything card, people have justified doing some terrible shit; this column's basically a weekly list of that kind of activity.

    • 7.16.12

      The Gods Walking Earth's Sidelines

      The halo removal service pays a visit to the football field.

    • 7.9.12

      Heroic Chances

      That golden opportunity to completely take down the Church of Scientology has passed. For now.

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    • 5.29.12

      Throw the Gays in a Corral

      Using extinction to treat the gay outbreak and more in this week's roundup of how religion ruins everything.

    • 5.21.12

      God Hates Your Team

      If God's so into sports, granting athletes with all their talent, what's His problem with Seattle?

    • 5.14.12

      One or the Other

      Ken Hutcherson is a douchebag, more in the current Jersey Shore bar-scene vernacular than the classic drugstore definition.