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Asking for a friend

Will I Get Bed Bugs From Buying Used Stuff?

Contrary to a popular misconception, they aren't attracted to squalor.
Nick Keppler
conservation lab

What to Do When Priceless Art Meets Hungry Insects | Conservation Lab

Before entering the Menil Collection in Houston, an installation of wood and soil gets quarantined in an oven and a zero-oxygen chamber.
Noémie Jennifer

Meet the Falcon-Whisperer of Napa Valley Wine Country

Rebecca Rosen makes a living off protecting vineyards from berry-eating pests with the help of trained birds of prey.
Rachel Signer

This App Helps Citizens Report Deadly Mosquito Sightings

Mosquito Alert allows Spaniards to report sightings of the Tiger mosquito, helping local authorities stamp out their spread.
Emiko Jozuka

A Japanese Pest Control Team Prepares for the Mutant Cockroach of the Future

Earth Chemicals are seriously contemplating a future where roaches have metamorphosized into giants.
Emiko Jozuka

New York Will Never Win Its War Against Rats

Despite a $3 million effort to control the rat population, 2016 has seen more rodent-related complaints so far in 2016 than it did in the first four months of 2015.
Harry Cheadle

We Spent a Night with One of the UK's Urban Fox Assassins

Tom Keightly is the man you call if you've got foxes screaming in your yard.
James Rippingale, Photos: Jake Lewis
Restaurant Confessionals

Being a Food Safety Inspector Means Never Forgetting the Smell of Cockroaches

As a food safety and sanitation professional, I was hired by large restaurant corporations to inspect their various locations. And what I saw was not even close to pretty.

An Australian Vegan Restaurant Refused to Exterminate Its Cockroaches Because It Didn't Want to Kill Animals

The owner of Canberra's Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant said he knew his kitchen had an infestation but didn't want to harm the "little insects."
Mike Pearl
Vice Blog

Science Has Finally Outsmarted Bedbugs (We Hope)

After half a decade of toil, researchers have announced that they have developed a new bedbug trap with the potential to revolutionize the fight against the miniature bloodsuckers.
Mark Hay

How to Kill an Invasive Species with Its Own Sex Drive

A new pest control plan aims to cull the emerald ash borer with electrified “femme fatale” decoys.
Becky Ferreira