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I'm a College Professor Who Faked Dissertation Data on the Side

It was a good gig for a while, to be quite honest.

Watch Scientists Express Their Research in Interpretive Dances

Dancers performed as electrons, brain processes, and teaching tools.
Becky Ferreira
mental health

Getting a Doctorate Is Such a Total Beatdown

A new study suggests just how dramatically dispiriting the process of studying for an advanced degree can be.
Jesse Hicks
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump's National Security Comms Pick Is Accused of Serial Plagiarism

Conservative author and commentator Monica Crowley reportedly copied large portions of her 2012 book and parts of her PhD dissertation.
Lauren Messman

Under a Microscope, Heavy Metals Look Like Crystal Kingdoms

Chemicals and equations are a glimmering audiovisual feast in this macro 4K film.
Kara Weisenstein

Cracking the Cranial Vault: What It Feels Like to Perform Brain Surgery

It felt medieval when I put her in pins. It was my first time peeling down scalp and opening the skull of living human, a thrill unlike any other. Ten years and thousands of surgeries later, the experience is still branded into my own head.
Dr. Rahul Jandial

This Globe-Trotting Brain Surgeon Says Doctors Are Doing Medical Missions Wrong

"You can't just go down there, drop some money, do a photo-op, and come back," Rahul Jandial says about doctors who travel to hospitals in poor countries.
VICE Staff
defense & security

Doctors of Doom: What a PhD Really Means in the US National Security Community

Since 9/11, the number of doctorates awarded to those in the US Intelligence Community has risen steadily — but many of those degrees are from online institutions and have nothing to do with science, engineering, or the social sciences.
William M. Arkin and Alexa O'Brien

Author Brooke Magnanti Is Suing Her Ex for Saying That She Was Never a Prostitute

It must be the first time somebody has sued over claims that she never performed sex acts for money.
Norma Costello

Witness The Macro Beauty Of Chemical Reactions In Stunning 4K

Beautiful Chemistry, the new collaboration between Tsinghua University Press and University of Science and Technology of China, captures the chemical world up close and personal.
Emerson Rosenthal

What Do You Do with a PhD in Celebrity Gossip?

The academic Anne Helen Petersen has become internet famous and critically acclaimed for her examinations of the gossip industry and the way we talk about stars.
Emalie Marthe

The Founder of Jim’s Mowing will Make you Smarter and Save the World

“We’re going to change the world. If my theory is correct, this will change everything. This will ruffle feathers, don’t you think anything else. You ask Galileo, you ask Darwin. This is going to cause an uproar.” – Jim Penman
Dom Amerena