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Gritty’s Spotify Playlist Is Glorious and Chaotic, Like Gritty

It's best suited for staring into the Philadelphia Flyers mascot's godless and unmoored eyes.


Meet the Flyers Fan Who Got Gritty's Face Tattooed on His Ass

James Kirn, a lifelong Flyers fan, has no regrets after getting a massive tattoo of the Philadelphia mascot on his left butt cheek.


Gritty is Now a Political Icon

The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their new mascot, Gritty, last month. He's Antifa now, apparently.


Gritty Has a Beer Now Because Of Course He Does

The appropriately-named 'Nightmare Fuel' distills the essence of the gone-to-seed-Muppet into a vanilla- and orange-scented cream ale.


We Don't Trust Gritty

Something sinister is lurking inside the humanoid spaghetti squash.


What the Hell Happened to the Puck When it Hit Kris Letang's Skate?

During Game 1 of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers' opening round series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, it sure looked like the puck split in two. How is that even possible??


Down Goes Brown Grab Bag: Winnipeg Records, Deadline Complaints, and Bobby Clarke Cusses

Sean is still salty about the likely lack of activity on trade deadline day, but not as salty as Bobby Clarke was after he got accused of shenanigans after not trading Eric Lindros to Toronto.


Justin Bieber Gets Smushed Into the Glass By Chris Pronger at NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout

Bieber got to meet Gretsky and whole bunch of other hockey stars that night, and called the whole experience "one of the highlights of my life."


The NHL Doubles Down on Ignoring Its Stars

During Hall of Fame week, when the league honors its best players, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly astoundingly suggested the league is still better off marketing teams instead. That's a problem.


Flyers Fans Had Themselves a Night in 6-1 Loss to Caps

Flyers fans are in for a lot of grief after their performance last night.


Flyers Escalator Malfunctions and Sends People Spilling Everywhere

Scary scene from Philadelphia, where an escalator sped up while people were still on it.