Philip Glass


This ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ Generator Captures Modern Life and the Unbearability of Being a GIF

This generator sources random GIFs to create a 21st century take on the classic film by Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass about modern life.


Time-Travel Through War Zones with Jerry Quickley's "Colonist"

The performance poet's new album, '(american) Fool,' was produced by Busdriver, and its hazy first single features Mike Ladd.


:::Extremely Seinfeld Voice::: What's the Deal with Composers at Music Festivals?

From Hans Zimmer at Coachella to John Carpenter at Primavera Sound, mainstream music festivals are turning composers into rock stars. We spoke with Carpenter and others about the strange new booking trend, and why it's more than just a novelty grab.


British Exhibit Argues That Minimalism is the Music of America

A new exhibition explores how Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams created a uniquely American sound.


Get to Know Big Ears, America's Most Distinct and Defiant Music Festival

With acts such as Kamasi Washington, Sun O))), and Philip Glass, the annual gathering in Knoxville, Tennessee epitomizes what a music festival should be: alternative, vibrant, and welcoming.


Music Is a Place: A Conversation with Philip Glass

We spoke with the innovative composer about his Tibet House Benefit Concert, working with David Bowie, and what music might sound like in the future.


good kid, g.l.A.A.s.s. city: A Weekend at Houston's Inaugural Day for Night Festival

We spent the weekend at the festival tasked with making Houston—the fourth largest city in the country—a festival destination in Texas that isn't Austin.


Writer Rudy Wurlitzer’s Underappreciated Masterpieces

None of the films he wrote raked in box-office millions, but people speak about him in superlatives—that he's one of a kind, that he's his own genre.


'Powaqqatsi' Is the Film That Made Me Want to Soundtrack Movies

Brian Rietzell, the guy behind the 'Lost In Translation' soundtrack talks about Philip Glass's seminal score.


Charred Yu Choy Recipe

For this recipe I used young yu choy, but you can also use baby bok choy or baby mustard greens. You can also substitute in a regular hard boiled egg and store-bought mayo to cut back on prep time.


Nine Inch Nails and Philip Glass Inspired My Mission Chinese Menu

Drafting a good menu doesn't just happen. For the new Mission Chinese space in Manhattan, I dreamed up a new dish of wood-fired greens—with a little help from Trent Reznor and Philip Glass.


Crate Expectations: Brodinski

The Bromance Records boss secretly loves Katy Perry and ends his night with a little James Blake.