The Connection Between a Deadly Gunfight and Phone Location Data

In the span of six seconds and 20 gunshots and three dead bodies hit the ground of a Nissan dealership in Texas. And somebody was tracking one of their cell phones remotely.


Manafort's Daughter's Lawyers Pressured Twitter to Delete Links to Hacked Text Messages

In July, a freedom of information activist dumped an unredacted cache of text messages allegedly hacked from Manafort's daughter's phone.


Leaked Emails Show Cops Trying to Hide Emails About Phone Hacking Tools

Motherboard recently filed public records requests for law enforcement messages in mobile forensic email groups. But cops are trying to avoid giving up their communications, according to other leaked emails.


Cellebrite Sold Phone Hacking Tech to Repressive Regimes, Data Suggests

Data stolen from infamous Israeli company suggests it sold products to countries such as Turkey, UAE and Russia.


What Does the Term 'Public Interest' Actually Mean?

Nobody seems to know. But despite having no fixed definition, the term is still used by UK politicians and journalists of all types to make it seem like they have the public's well-being at heart.


Tapped: All the Ways Your Phone Can Be Hacked

In our third and final episode of "Phreaked Out," we check out a slate of real-time phone hacks to tackle the question of mobile phone security.


The NSA's Spying on America's Allies Is Just Business as Usual

As America's government is discovering, when you get caught spying on your closest allies and have to have your dirty laundry aired in public it's very, very humiliating. Will the latest NSA revelations have lasting effects?


People Who Have Been Arrested Fewer Times than Rebekah Brooks

I guess this makes her pretty badass.