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Drunk Guy Tries to Bust into a Cockpit Saying He 'Needs' to Charge His Phone

C'mon man, take a nap or something.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Please Watch Trump Try to Figure Out His Speakerphone

Drew Schwartz

'Vines Mania,' Today's Comic by Line Hoj Hostrup

After getting addicted to vines, some friends need to figure out how to detach themselves from the internet.
Line Hoj Hostrup

'Tripleting,' Today's Comic by Seo Kim

Seo freaks out after coming across two girls dressed just like her.
Seo Kim
Social Media

Your Phone Is a Prison

'Psychopolitics' discusses how social media has replaced freedom with the church of the internet.
Kit Caless

White House Weighs Ban on the Last Refuge Staffers Have Left

As officials consider whether to restrict personal phone usage, a nation wonders: Will they take Donald Trump's phone away too?
Eve Peyser
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Gary Cohn Faked a Bad Connection to End Call with Trump, Senator Says

The president's top economic adviser reportedly told Trump he was "brilliant" to improve his chances of bringing the conversation to a close.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch This Gorilla Hopelessly Swipe for Love Like the Rest of Us

He waves through his potential suitors like some kind of Tinder lothario.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Fidget Spinner Phone Is the Worst Thing Since the Fidget Spinner

It's the size of your palm, it can make texts and calls, and it's definitive proof that the world is now a bad place.
Drew Schwartz

We Asked People Who Bought Brand-New Apple Products Whether They Made Them Happy

Yes, you want the iPhone X with the talking poo, but once it's in your hands will it actually bring you joy?
Sophie Wilkinson

'Telephobia,' Today's Comic by Merv Heers

When Tahira slips into a vivid day dream about slaying knights and finding love, her newly-formed fear of phones brings her back to reality.
Merv Heers
hungry hearts

Action Bronson Is Now Playing a Matchmaker on Snapchat

Catch the rapper and VICELAND star curating dates on his new show 'Hungry Hearts.'
VICE Staff