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Dive into a Decade of Absurd Photos Shot on Low-Quality Cellphones

Jerry Hsu’s upcoming photobook, 'The Beautiful Flower Is the World,' features hilarious images shot on BlackBerry smartphones.
Jerry Hsu
4 days ago
The Photo Issue 2019

This Photographer Really Hates Himself for Loving the Knicks

'Madison Square Garbage,' a series by Todd Midler that's featured in our upcoming photo issue, is a fabricated photographic archive of a basketball fan.
Todd Midler
The Photo Issue 2019

Toiletpaper’s Photos Push the Boundaries of Absurdist Photography

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, the duo behind the glossy biannual Toiletpaper magazine, share some new images and talk to us about bananas, inspiration, and humor.
Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari
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Hey NYC, Come Check Out the 2016 VICE Photo Issue Show

Come by Industria Superstudios in Williamsburg on Saturday between noon and 6 PM to check it out.
VICE Staff
The Photo Issue 2016

A Photographer Transforms Herself Into Ramen Noodles, Karl Lagerfeld, and Justin Timberlake's Hair

Jaimie Warren's self-portraits are a lot of things, but they're never boring.
Jaimie Warren
The Photo Issue 2016

A Chinese Photographer Finds the Sublime in Everyday Life

Chinese photographer Feiyi Wen's work focuses on the quiet moments of everyday life. In her photos, Wen looks for the inspired and the sublime in the seemingly mundane.
Feiyi Wen
The Photo Issue 2016

Israeli McDonald’s and Texan Wrestlers: A Mixed-Media Artist Recreates Her Adolescence

Keren Shavit's series focuses on two teenage girls, Peti and Lucy, who work at a cut-rate Israeli version of McDonald's and are obsessed with a family of wrestlers from Dallas.
Keren Shavit
The Photo Issue 2016

Photographer and Video Artist Gillian Wearing Takes a Self-Portrait While Wearing a Mask of Her Own Face

Gillian Wearing shot to fame in the 1990s for a series of portraits of strangers, each holding a sign with their innermost thoughts written on it. Here, she wears an envy mask: a mask of her own face.
Gillian Wearing
The Photo Issue 2016

The Defiant Femininity of Israel's Female Soldiers

​Mayan Toledano's intimate series showing female Israeli soldiers was inspired by her own experience in the Israeli military.
Mayan Toledano
The Photo Issue 2016

The Confessional Self-Portraits of Hobbes Ginsberg

Ginsberg's bizarrely beautiful photography features cigarette stubs, oranges, an onion, and candy wrappers.
Hobbes Ginsberg
The Photo Issue 2016

Photos That Decontextualize Life in Miami

Rose Marie Cromwell's photos of Miami are inspired by the concept of an "indelible mark of purity."
Rose Marie Cromwell
The Photo Issue 2016

Lorna Simpson's Timeless Deconstructions of Identity

The artist's latest work involved pairing photos of black women from old issues of 'Ebony' with images from a 1931 textbook.
Lorna Simpson