photo issue 2016

The Photo Issue 2016

Photographer and Video Artist Gillian Wearing Takes a Self-Portrait While Wearing a Mask of Her Own Face

Gillian Wearing shot to fame in the 1990s for a series of portraits of strangers, each holding a sign with their innermost thoughts written on it. Here, she wears an envy mask: a mask of her own face.
Gillian Wearing
The Photo Issue 2016

The Confessional Self-Portraits of Hobbes Ginsberg

Ginsberg's bizarrely beautiful photography features cigarette stubs, oranges, an onion, and candy wrappers.
Hobbes Ginsberg
The Photo Issue 2016

Photos That Decontextualize Life in Miami

Rose Marie Cromwell's photos of Miami are inspired by the concept of an "indelible mark of purity."
Rose Marie Cromwell
The Photo Issue 2016

A Japanese Photographer Examines Identity Stereotypes

Eighteen-year-old Izumi Miyazaki cites a number of surrealists as her inspiration in her thoughtful, wry, and precise work on identity stereotypes, setting cultural clichés alongside grotesque or awkward elements.
Izumi Miyazaki
The Photo Issue 2016

Nostalgia for Brutalism

Photographer Lola Paprocka grew up in Polish housing estates, and her obsession with Brutalist architecture shows through this series of photographs.
Lola Paprocka
The Photo Issue 2016

Photos That Make Partying Cool Again

"There's at least one picture of my boobs in anything I put out," Sandy Kim said in an interview with 'PAPER.'
Sandy Kim
The Photo Issue 2016

A Danish Photographer's Pictures of Texans

These candid, eerie portraits of Texans show another side of the Lone Star State.
Fryd Frydendahl
The Photo Issue 2016

These Bright, Surreal Pictures Redefine Still-Life Photography

Jessica Pettway's art shows everyday objects in surreal arrangements, bent and contorted into bizarre, often unrecognizable forms.
Jessica Pettway
The Photo Issue 2016

Am I What You're Looking For?

Endia Beal's powerful photographs record young, educated black women who are about to enter the workforce for the first time.
Endia Beal; Text by Muna Mire
The Photo Issue 2016

Gorgeous Photos from a Forgotten Side of California

Though it has suffered a run of bad luck, declaring bankruptcy in 2008, Vallejo is eclectic and diverse. Carolyn Drake's photos capture a city reminiscent of an older California, one before the tech boom.
Carolyn Drake/Magnum Photos

Chronicling the Push and Pull of a Modernizing Saudi Arabia

"I am not telling anyone how to think or feel about Saudi Arabia. I'm not interested in providing answers or definitions."
Ayesha Malik
The Photo Issue 2016

Intimate Portraits of the Elite Players of the National Women's Soccer League

Over the course of three months, Cait Oppermann captured the human side of these superhuman athletes—making dinner after practice, relaxing in front of the TV, and getting coffee with teammates.
Cait Oppermann