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YouTube “seduction artist” has made a business out of filming women with hidden cameras

YouTube is ignoring a host of explicit videos that look like they were made without consent.


How 'Fight Club' Became the Ultimate Handbook for Men's Rights Activists

Tyler Durden is a hero to MRAs and pickup artists alike. But how did a 90s film about toxic masculinity come to define the manosphere?


How Men's Rights Activists Make Money Off White Dudes Who Want to Feel Oppressed

Prominent MRA activists like Roosh V know that many young white men feel a voyeuristic pleasure in imagining the weight of oppression upon them—because that way they don't have to deal with the truth.


This Is What a 'Female Pickup Artist' Seminar Is Actually Like

According to the organizers, "Get the Guy" is more about "personal empowerment" than picking up men. Still, when it advertises itself as teaching you "how to find, attract, and keep your ideal man," it's hard not to draw parallels.


The 'Black Mirror' Christmas Special Is All About the Endless Torture of Mandatory Fun

It's like a Samuel Beckett play for the Facebook generation, or a Radiohead song with better jokes.


We Compared the Public Apologies of a Mysogynistic Comedian and a Sexist Pick-Up Artist

As Julien Blanc, the Canadian pick-up artist, is denied entry to the UK, we take a look at who came off worse: him, or Dapper Laughs—the comedian who sings a song called "Proper Moist."


I Employed a Team of 'Virtual Dating Assistants' to Manage My Online Love Life

Scott Valdez, 30, the CEO of VirtualDatingAssistants.com, charges anywhere from $380 to $1,320 a month for this service, depending on which package and how many "guaranteed dates" his clients buy.


How 'Friends' Created a Generation of Neurotic, Self-Obsessed Idiots

Twenty years ago last month, a new sitcom debuted. It was supposed to catch some of the heat that 'Seinfeld' had generated, some of that post-Woody Allen, New York-y neurotic humor about relationships and everyday life; but the original pitch that...