Witness the Wonders of Nature as a Raven Brutally Disembowels a Live Pigeon

One New Yorker was thoughtful enough to capture the grisly scene on film so we can all marvel at the city's wildlife.


Police Caught a Pigeon Wearing a Backpack Full of Ecstasy Pills

Yes, you read that correctly.


An Italian Chef Is in Legal Trouble for Cooking a Pigeon on TV

A Michelin-starred Italian chef, Carlo Cracco, is probably a bit surprised by the backlash now coming his way thanks to a dish he recently cooked on MasterChef Italia.


This Week in Food Porn

Welcome to This Week in Food Porn, MUNCHIES’ guide to the most drool-inducing pics posted to the ’gram in the past seven days. With strictly no #nomnomnom.


News of Zealand: Teenagers Awake From Comas, Ride Shopping Trolleys, and Swindle People on the Internet

January isn't even over and we're already discussing the downside of naming a baby 'Anal'


Forager's Game Pie Recipe

A hearty, savory pie filled with the dreams of any hunter and gatherer: wild game and mushrooms.


Being a Chef Made Me Forget I Have a Micropenis

When I entered puberty I realized I was very different from the other boys. I shut myself off, worrying all the time that I'd get found out, and wound up feeling completely devoid of masculinity. That changed when I became a chef.


The $wiftest Pigeon

In tribute to the intrepid bootleggers who've propped up their country's market economy, China's rich have taken arguably the worst bird of all time, the pigeon, and slapped a Louis Vuitton logo on it. Racing pigeons are the new thoroughbreds here...