Vibrant Photos of Cuban Pigeon Racing

Carlos Jaramillo revisits a pigeon racer and his beautifully dyed birds in Havana.


Pigeons in Spain Can Now Get Birth Control More Easily Than Most American Women

Birth control has been used to control bird populations before, even here in the US.


This Guy Is the Lance Armstrong of Pigeon Racing

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Dairy Farm Accused of Beating Cows Finally Faces Charges After Two Years

One of the largest dairy farms in Canada is now facing 20 counts of animal cruelty.


No, a Pigeon Won't Be Evaluating Your Next Mammogram

A recent study has inspired headlines about "pigeon pathologists" and how the birds may be "the next great cancer detector," but they need to be taken with a grain of salt.


Pigeons Could Help Detect Breast Cancer

Paging Dr. Pigeon!


Norwich Midfielder Jonny Howson Picks up Filthy Injured Pigeon and Takes it Safely Off

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Activists say that hundreds of birds have been stolen from Greenwich Village's Washington Square Park, possibly so they could be shot by hunters in Pennsylvania.


The Underground Squirrel Doctor of New York City

One of the city's few licensed wildlife rehabilitators runs a secret (and adorable) animal hospital out of her rent-controlled apartment.


Nigerian Govt. Warns That Boko Haram Plans to Use Farm Animals in Bombing Attacks

Authorities said that they uncovered word of the plot after intercepting intelligence detailing the strapping of explosives to livestock to inflict public carnage.