Beer Cheese

Beer and cheese are a match made in heaven, so why not purée them together and spread it on toast?
Tom Browne

Why This Brewery Is No Longer Giving Its Employees Free Beer For Life

Since Labatt opened its Edmonton brewery in 1962, the company has maintained a policy of giving pensioners a gift card good for a case of 12 Labatts each week until they die.
Wyatt Marshall

The MUNCHIES Guide to Bohemia: Beer Makes Beautiful Bodies

We head to the birthplace of pilsner beer and tour a legendary Czech brewery to see how it's properly done, including insight from a "beer philosopher."
Hannah Saleh

The MUNCHIES Guide to Bohemia: Death by Christmas Carp

We drive to a small Bohemian village to witness an old Czech tradition: carp fishing. Every autumn, the villagers wake up in the middle of the night and start draining the local carp pond.
Hannah Saleh

This Beer Sommelier Is Trying to Teach Germans to Drink American Brews

Sylvia Kopp is one of the world’s top beer sommeliers and Europe’s official American craft beer ambassador, but at home some people equate her taste with heresy.
Barbara Woolsey

Smoked Mexican Shandy Recipe

Screw weed and nasty bong water. This Mexican-inspired beer cocktail may be a little tedious to make—all you need is a clean bong—but the end product will go down easy.
Jason Eisner

A Pennsylvania Brewery Is Naming a Beer After Joe Paterno—And Everyone Wants It

As the dust has largely settled around Joe Paterno—the late Penn State football coach who became embroiled in the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal of 2011—a Pittsburgh-based brewery is releasing a beer in honor of ol' JoePa. And nobody is...
Munchies Staff

This App Uses Your Genes to Tell You What Beer to Drink

If funding comes through, researchers hope to produce the BeerDeCoded app, which would help consumers navigate beer DNA and pair brews with their own tastebuds.
Molly Hannon

A Tribute to Michael Jackson on the Other Michael Jackson's Birthday

Today is the King of Pop's birthday, so it’s only fitting to pay tribute to the other Michael Jackson, the King of Beer (writers). In case you have no idea who we're talking about, he's the dude who influenced your base knowledge—or your local bar's...
Helen Hollyman

Montreal Has a Beer Festival with Identity Issues

I attended Montreal's Festival Mondial de la Biere last weekend, an event that focuses on international beers that feels busier than a United Nations summit. One thing was glaringly noticeable: it's confused as to who it’s catering to. I drank a...
Nick Laugher

How-To: Make Beet Kvass with Cortney Burns

At San Francisco's Bar Tartine, Cortney Burns shows us how to make beet kvass, a brightly colored, probiotic, naturally fermented drink that's great on its own or poured into a beer, pickleback-style.
Cortney Burns

The Walter White of Beer

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, a Danish chemistry teacher, ended up founding one of the world's most acclaimed microbreweries, Mikkeller. Now, he's running a budding international beer empire that's much better than meth.
Lars Eriksen