Pink Flamingos


Partying with John Waters in 1970s Provincetown

This is the story of the 1970s summer photographer Nan Goldin and writer/actress Cookie Mueller spent in P-Town in the Cape, partying non-stop with eccentrics like Philippe Marcade, John Waters, and other brilliant weirdos.


John Waters Remembers 'Multiple Maniacs,' His LSD-Fueled Cavalcade of Perversion

A restored version of the film—which features puke-eating, lobster sex, a rosary dildo, loads of drugs, and an unforgettable performance by Divine—is out today.


A Brief History of Actual Sex in Movies

From pud-pulling in a French prison to mother-son BJs in suburban Maryland, here's an overview of unsimulated sex acts on the silver screen.


We Talked to John Waters About Facelifts, 'Kiddie Flamingos,' and His New Art Show

The legendary director opens up about 'Beverly Hills John,' his new art show in NYC.


'Female Trouble' Was the Film That Taught Me I Didn't Need to Have an Ordinary Life

John Waters's 1974 trash spectacular demolished the boundaries of good taste, leaving me free to be as tasteless and depraved as I like.


The Time John Waters’s Girls Escaped a Kidnapping

In this excerpt of Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller, two men abduct three actresses who have starred in several of John Waters's classic movies.


Electric Boogaloo: Destroying Film Academia

Funny, informative, and balls-out crazy, Mark Hartley’s new documentary on Cannon Films—the guys behind the 'Breakin' movies and Chuck Norris, is exactly what film history should be like.


John Waters Still Loves Justin Bieber

John Waters has been offending audiences for 50 years, but he doesn’t plan to stop shocking the world anytime soon, so I called him to talk about his new book, Grindr, and everyone's favorite bad boy pop star.


A Brief History of People Shoving Other People's Meat Down Their Pants

It's probably the worst place that a person could put raw meat, but thieves around the globe routinely shoplift steaks, bacon, and sausage by hiding them in their pants. The food safety implications alone are enough to put you off grilling season.