Pinot Noir


Making Pinot Noir Requires Back-Breaking Work

Every day, I watched as men and women knelt on the ground and picked the grapes. The strongest workers transported the harvest on their backs.


Tituss Burgess of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Doesn't Suffer Wine Snobs

"The wine industry can be a very elitist party," says Tituss Burgess, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actor who recently launched his own line of wines. "I don't have any desire to be invited to that party. So I created my own party."


Making Terroir with Cow Horns, Manure, and Lunar Rhythms in Quebec

We headed down to Les Pervenches vineyard in Farnham, Quebec with sommelier Emily Campeau, to talk terroir and biodynamic winemaking.


Thanks to 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,' Tituss Burgess Is Breaking Through

We caught up with the 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' rising star and celebrity wine seller to talk about pinot, politics, and 'Lemonade.'


How Norman Hardie Is Blurring the Line Between Old and New World Wines

We spoke to Norman Hardie about making wines in Canada’s harsh and changing climate, and why his wines hold up against Burgundy’s finest.


England Loves Wine So Much That It’s Making More of Its Own

Applications to open vineyards in England rose by more than 40 percent last year, and Brits are ready to show off their chops when it comes to winemaking—especially bubbly.


English Sparkling Wine Is the New Champagne

As the south of England’s climate begins replicate that of Champagne (cheers, global warming), English vineyards are producing internationally acclaimed sparkling wines.


This Surfer-Winemaker Harvests Grapes and Hangs Ten

“Both surfing and winemaking connect your senses a lot so there are certain similarities,” says Jean-Charles Villard, a winemaker and surfer whose 40-hectare Chilean winery produces acclaimed Pinot Noir and Syrah.


The MUNCHIES Guide to Oregon, Part 3: Pinot Pioneers

Gabi travels to the Willamette Valley—the heart of Oregon wine country—to talk with three vintners who are producing some of the best Pinot noir in the world.


How to Be Totally Chill While Ordering Wine in a Restaurant

Going out for a meal and drinking a bottle of wine is one of the most enjoyable things a human can do. But, as with most of life’s pleasures, it comes at a cost: ordering the damn thing.