How to Smoke Weed Out of an Oil Lantern

All you need is a roll of duct tape, a ratchet socket, a rubber stopper, and some determination.


NYPD shot and killed bipolar black man after mistaking metal pipe for gun

The shooting comes after the fewest NYPD shootings ever last year.


Shut Off the Internet With a Literal Valve

Lefty loosey, righty tighty.


These Pussy Pipes Remind Us “We Have Been Smoking Out Of Dicks”

Nico Mazza makes pipes that are woman-positive, sex-positive, and functional art objects that are fun to smoke out of.


If You're Not Smoking Out of a Unicorn Bowl, You're Doing It Wrong

Seattle ceramics artist Katie Marks also makes tiny, smokeable kitten and geode pipes.


Yooo, This Pizza Box Turns into a Pipe You Can Smoke With

A hell yes for humanity.


Spend Your 4/20 at This Custom Glass Art Show

Who's afraid of a $15,000 bubbler? The government, for one. And me, definitely me.


This Guy Invented a Pizza Box That Turns into a Weed Pipe

New York designer Nikolas Gregory collaborated with pizza delivery service Push For Pizza to create a pizza box that rolls into a fully functioning pipe. Happy 4/20.


Seeing Through The Ice

Calling methamphetamine use an 'epidemic' is a misuse of language; it’s a deceptive metaphor. Ebola, an actual epidemic, is not contracted voluntarily.


3D Printing Is Getting Stoned

Kind makers are forgoing the patchouli-vibes of the token head shop, exchanging specs for what any sly, self-respecting stoner will tell you are essentials in the tacklebox of life.