Trans Mountain

Pipeline Work Destroyed Salmon Habitat, Puts Orcas at Risk, Scientists Say

Expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline could spell trouble for salmon populations and the orcas that rely on them for food, experts say.
Mirjam Guesgen
pipeline protests

Pipeline protesters were acquitted of felony charges. But they’re not happy about it.

Had the trial moved forward, its outcome could have opened the door to a new legal defense for protesters.
Alex Lubben
Keystone XL

The Keystone Pipeline oil spill was nearly twice as big as TransCanada said

Over 400,000 gallons according to a federal investigation of the spill in South Dakota farmland.
Sarah Sax
Livable Planet

Washington DC's Sole Source of Drinking Water is Threatened by New Fracking Pipeline

A new pipeline would carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania to West Virginia under the Potomac River, a source of drinking water for around 6 million people, and much of the nation's capital.
Jessica Rohan
Livable Planet

Drinking Water and Native American Land Threatened by Proposed Pipeline Cutting Across Virginia and North Carolina

A 600-mile underground natural gas pipeline in the Southeast has communities divided and is prompting everyday residents to take action before the deal is done.
Kimberly Lawson

Final Keystone XL pipeline approved just days after massive oil spill

Officials did not consider last week’s spill in their decision on $8 billion project
Hilary Beaumont

In 'Soonish,' a Scientist/Cartoonist Couple Predict Tomorrow's Technologies

From asteroid mining to brain-computer interfaces, ‘Soonish’ explores ten developing technologies with the power to make the future awesome, awful, or a little of both.
Becky Ferreira
fossil fuel industry

Oil Lobbyists: Thunderbird Strike Video Game 'Promotes Ecoterrorism'

The award-winning game features an Indigenous thunderbird that destroys pipelines and restores the environment.
Jacob Dubé
thunderbird strike

Destroy Oil Pipelines as a Thunderbird in this New Video Game

Thunderbird Strike is the latest from Indigenous developer Elizabeth LaPensée.
Jacob Dubé
Rise Up

Meet the Pennsylvania Protestors Camping in Trees to Fight Pipeline Construction

The 350-mile Mariner East II pipeline would carry fracked gas liquids across the state, but a new protestor encampment wants to stop it.
Jessica Rohan
Livable Planet

Why This Local Group Wants to Halt New Fracking Pipeline Construction

"Does New York City realize they're about to be locked into fracked gas for the next 40 years?"
Jessica Rohan
The Rundown

After Dangerous Pipeline Leaks, Activists Get a Win in Court

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff