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Hollywood Is Setting Up a Legal ‘Machine’ to Sue Pirates In Canada

Every Canadian internet user should be paying attention.
Jordan Pearson
Cut The Cord

Big TV Is Trying to Use Lawsuits to Crush Pirated Streaming on Kodi Boxes

New lawsuits lobbed at third-party libraries of apps for the software are really stretching the definition of piracy.
Kaleigh Rogers
but also lots of people paid

The Mayweather-McGregor Fight Shows It’s Impossible to Stop Social Media Streaming of Big Events

You could pay $100 to watch on Pay Per View, or hope your mom’s neighbor has a big projector in the backyard that she can Facetime you.
Kaleigh Rogers

Here’s a Playlist of Some of the Earliest Pirated MP3s on the Internet

Celebrating 20 years of ripping MP3s.
Jordan Pearson
Longreads Or Whatever

People Were Stealing Music Long Before Millennials Ruined Everything with Internet Pirating

Music pirating has existed since the beginning of recorded music—but the last decade would rather have you blame yourself, your bedroom, and Napster. This is the history.
Alex Robert Ross

Popcorn Time — the 'Netflix for Pirates' — Gives Easy Access to Illegal Films, but Hollywood is Pissed

Popcorn Time offers free downloads of a videoplayer and complimentary search engine, which make pirated films accessible to people who normally would be daunted by the complicated process of streaming illegal films.
Lisa Nienhaus

Netflix's Plans to Take Over the World

The company's shareholder letter revealed some surprising tidbits.
Kaleigh Rogers

Targeted Strike 2: Judgement Database

There’s no way to count the human lives destroyed by the machines. Killed by bombs guided down from heavy aircraft above, they were faces logged into databases, rounded up and disappeared. They called the system Judgment Database.
Adam Rothstein
Motherboard Blog

Uploading Copyrighted Material in Japan Means Up to 10 Years in Jail

According to a new Japanese law that takes effect today, anyone who pirates music or films can be handed up to a two-year jail sentence and fines of up to 2 million yen (~$25,700).
Derek Mead