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Some Guy Got So Drunk This Weekend He Passed Out in a Urinal

Have ever you ever woken up with your nose pressed against cold, pissy steel?
Josh Baines
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Pee Is So Much Crazier Than We Ever Realized

It contains more than 3,000 ingredients—that we know about.
Eric Spitznagel
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You Think You've Got It Tough, This Guy Cleans the Tote Toilets on a Sunday Morning

Phil Gionfriddo has to clean up your piss, spew, and deal bags.
Noisey Staff

Steve-O Is Still Smoking Pubes and Testing His Urine

We hung out with the 'Jackass' star midway through his UK tour.
Joe Bish
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Puke and Pee Is Gradually Destroying the World's Tallest Church

A seemingly endless stream of drunk people's urine is eroding the stone foundation of the world's tallest church in the German city of Ulm, and no one quite knows how to stop it.
River Donaghey

Who Cares About National Coffee Day When It’s National Poisoned Blackberries Day

Forget coffee. Today is a day of remembrance for something far more important: when the Devil himself pissed all over Scotland's entire blackberry supply. Today is National Poisoned Blackberries Day.
Munchies Staff

The UK Is Getting Rid of Its Public Toilets

"Public toilets are a type of first aid, in a way."
Amelia Dimoldenburg

A Mother Who Blogged About Parenting Is Accused of Injecting Her Daughter with Urine

Medical staff noticed yeast growing in the girl's intravenous drip after the nine-year-old was admitted to the hospital with renal failure.
Julian Morgans
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The Disturbing Truth Behind the 'Spitman' Urban Legend

Spitman was a West London council estate myth until the mobile phone footage turned up.
VICE Staff
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San Francisco Is Fighting Public Urination with Pee-Proof Paint

The paint is specially made to deflect liquid, which means that anyone who dares pee on painted surfaces will get a brutal mist of piss ricocheting back at them.
River Donaghey

This Danish Music Festival Wants to Turn Your Piss into Beer

Danish music festival Roskilde has a so-crazy-it-just-might-work plan to "beercycle" your piss into a lovely pilsner that you can drink at a future festival. Golden showers, indeed.
Hilary Pollack

MAKJ Makes a Beatport Hit with Pee Sample, Unleashes His Latest Track "Generic"

"Everything is getting so saturated that all you can do is make fun of it."
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