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Best of 2017

2017 Was a Strange Year for Avocados

From 'Avocado Hand' to 'Avocado Rat,' it's been a weird year for pitted fruit.
Munchies Staff

We're Worried About the Avocado Rat Spotted in Brooklyn

How's he ever going to buy a house now?
Jelisa Castrodale

Catching Up with the Artist Who Stages Viral Rodent Videos

After a chocolate-stealing squirrel caught Canadians’ attention this week, we asked artist and apparent “Pizza Rat” rodent trainer Zardulu about the story’s authenticity and whether that matters.
Sarah Berman

Pizza Fox Is Somerset’s Answer to Pizza Rat

After nursing fox Jimmy back to health, Maxine and Tony Hawker from Yeovil now buy pizza specially for the vixen and feed her twice a week.
Daisy Meager
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Is Making Rats Hungry and Horny the Best Way to Kill Them?

This is how Pizza Rat dies.
Jake Kivanc

Is New York's Infamous Pizza Rat as Bogus as This Actor Says It Is?

Our brains are melting upon learning that our favorite bit of New York virality, the Pizza Rat—heir to a thousand Halloween costumes—may be a big fake.
Alex Swerdloff

A Tiny Hamster Celebrates Mini Halloween

What's the only costume more obvious than Pizza Rat?
Beckett Mufson
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Pizza Rat Is the Only Real New Yorker

New Yorkers know you only get so many opportunities in these madcap lives of ours, and when you see Mr. Right—or a plain slice just sitting on the ground—you have to grab it and never let go.
Carrie Ratshaw