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How Ads Get Away with *Almost* Plagiarizing Existing Music

After the recent Jase Harley-Childish Gambino controversy, we asked industry experts where the line falls between imitation and inspiration.
Hattie Long
be best

Melania Trump's new "Be Best" pamphlet was first published under the Obama administration

First lady Melania Trump isn’t exactly known for her originality when it comes to public messaging.
Rex Santus

Blogger Sues Food Network for Allegedly Copying Her Cupcake Recipe

Recipes aren't typically covered by copyright law, but expression is.
Alex Swerdloff
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Armin van Buuren Denies Underground Resistance's Plagiarism Accusation

The trance heavyweight denies copying the Detroit techno collective's name and logo for his Ibiza residency.
Krystal Rodriguez
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Neil Gorsuch Is Accused of Plagiarizing a Section of His Book

A new investigation suggests Donald Trump's SCOTUS pick might have ripped off the work of legal scholars without properly citing them.
Drew Schwartz
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Alleged Plagiarist Monica Crowley Turned Down Trump Appointment

The conservative author said she'll "remain in New York to pursue other opportunities" and won't take the National Security Council comms job.
Lauren Messman
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Trump's National Security Comms Pick Is Accused of Serial Plagiarism

Conservative author and commentator Monica Crowley reportedly copied large portions of her 2012 book and parts of her PhD dissertation.
Lauren Messman
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Zedd Accuses Singer of Plagiarizing "Candyman"

Zedd was made aware of similarities on Twitter.
Britt Julious
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Trump Campaign Admitted Yeah, OK, Maybe It Did Plagiarize Michelle Obama's Speech

One of Trump's staffers has taken the fall.
VICE Staff

Trump campaign admits Melania's speech plagiarized Michelle Obama

The writer responsible for the speech apologized and said the GOP nominee rejected her resignation because “people make innocent mistakes.”
Kayla Ruble
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Watch Laura Benanti's Perfect Melania Trump Impression on 'The Late Show'

The whole thing is genius, and made even more impressive by the fact that it must have come together completely last minute.
VICE Staff

Melania Trump's Speech Definitely Plagiarized Michelle Obama

Though Trump's team insists the similar speeches were a mere coincidence, experts disagree.
Kimberly Lawson