Make Action Bronson’s Hennessy-Flambéed Plantain Sundae

It’s a fiery ode to the banana split.


Action Bronson's Neighborhood Sundae Recipe

Don't act like you don't want a sundae with fried Oreos, cognac-flambéed plantains, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Plantains Are Cheap for Everyone But the People Who Pick Them

Despite their deliciousness and popularity throughout Latin cuisine, it's near-impossible to find organic or fair-trade plantains in stores, and the reasons why are sketchy at best.


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If you can find aji charapita peppers and cocona fruit, you have zero excuse for not making these grilled jumbo shrimp.


Plantain Chips Recipe

These quite possibly might just be one of the most addictive snacks ever.


This Colombian Street Snack Is a Meal You Have to Excavate

Patacon con todo—literally, a fried green plantain with everything—is a cheap and filling mess of sausages, shredded chicken, onions, cheese, potato sticks, and tartar sauce, eaten on the streets of Cartagena.


In Philadelphia, A Liberian Refugee Recreates the Taste of Home

Fanta Fofana, the owner of Le Mandingue restaurant in Philadelphia, escaped brutal conditions in war-torn Liberia only to lose her leg in a car accident once she made it to the US. Still, she keeps her spirits high as she recreates the flavors of her...


Patacon de Pernil Recipe

This Venezuelan sandwich replaces bread with fried green plantains, stuffed with pork and wasakaka sauce.


Huang's World: New York, Part 1

Eddie hits the Bronx, where he and WorldStarHipHop star Loopy hit up local bodegas, chow down on a Japanese-Dominican plantain mash-up, and indulge in mani-pedis.


Venezuelan Food Shortages Are Adding to the Chaos

I talked to a NYC-based Venezuelan restaurant owner about the bizarre reality of sourcing Venezuelan ingredients in America as natives struggle to find food on grocery store shelves in the midst of the ongoing protests.