A Game's Community Is Just as Important as What's on the Screen

Game developers can lean on online communities like never before, allowing for new design choices based around shared information.


Listen to A$AP Rocky's New Moby-Sampling Track "ASAP Forever"

It's not April Fool's Day, so you can be sure that "ASAP Forever (feat. Moby)" isn't a prank. In fact, it's the latest single from Rocky's new album 'TE$TING'.


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The road to maximized nipple pleasure is paved with lube and rotating hand motions.


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Michael Moore Is Bringing an Anti-Trump Show to Broadway

'The Terms of My Surrender'—part rant, part comedy—will run for 12 weeks beginning in August.


I Went to a Play Where the Audience Was Naked

Indie play S H E E T S is all about what people do when they're alone in hotel rooms, and you have to strip down to watch it.


We're in "Aww!" of Adorable Wool Sculptures of Teeth and Veggies

If you don’t think that molars and bananas can be sexy, then you probably haven’t seen the needle-felted work of Maria Pogorelova.


Make Time for Some Goofy Self-Care Today with This Game about Seals

'Seal, Your Fate???' is a very cute free game about surviving an endless onslaught of terrible things. You can do it.


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She's definitely not in Kansas anymore.


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Make Snowmen and Ponder Mortality in 'Lost Constellation'

'Lost Constellation' is a short, story-based adventure game set in the world of 'Night in the Woods'