LeBron Defends Allie LaForce When Internet Loses Mind After Popovich Question

Some people thought that LeBron was blindsided with Allie LaForce's question about the death of Erin Popovich. LeBron responded, "get off her back."


The Seduction of Leo Komarov by the Notorious Pest Brad Marchand

The Boston Bruins took on the Toronto Maple Leafs last night in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and Marchand decided to get intimate (again).


Two Battered Teams Fight For the Stanley Cup: Biscuits 29

Sean and Dave look back on a terrific Game 7 between Ottawa and Pittsburgh and look ahead to a Stanley Cup Final between two battered teams. Meat and pizza are also discussed.


Robin Lopez Enlists Emotional Support of WonderPup Muppet for End of Season Interview

All interviews should be conducted with dogs.


Draymond Green Stuffed the Shit Out of the Trail Blazers

Draymond Green came out to Game 1 against the Trail Blazers trying to fuck people up today.


Reporter Asks About Clock Management, Doc Rivers: "That Is Like the Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard"

There's a fine line between being a reporter and being a punk-ass backseat coach, and Doc Rivers was happy to draw it last night.


Defending Champion Cavaliers Barely Snuck One By No. 7 Indiana Pacers in Game 1

The Cavs won Game 1 at home, but boy, did it sure not feel like it.


Sorting Out the Eighth Seed In the West (aka Who is Going to Get Swept by the Warriors)

Six teams have a legitimate shot at the eighth seed in the NBA's Western Conference. We go team-by-team to figure out who has the best chance.


Boat Parties and Blowouts: ​Dumb Football Wild Card Weekend With Mike Tunison

Predictably, Odell Beckham's trip to Miami has become a focal point following the Giants' loss to the Packers. So dumb.


NFC Wild Card Previews: Red Hot Rodgers or More Giants Magic?

Which Russell Wilson will show up on Saturday? Can Aaron Rodgers keep up his stellar play?


​The Columbus Blue Jackets' Win Streak is Enough to Give You Whiplash

The Blue Jackets' win streak is probably not indicative of the team's overall talent. But that's OK.


It's Time for the NHL to Rethink Its Playoff Format

The NHL's convoluted playoff wild card set up manages to both emphasize and de-emphasize divisional matchups.