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From the New Xbox to a FromSoft Open World Game, Our Wildest E3 2019 Predictions

What if FromSoft made Dragon's Dogma 3? We can dream can't we?
Patrick Klepek
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20 Hours In, 'Days Gone' Is an Ugly, Miserable Experience

A game about a man with a code, a code that involves selling people to a slave trader and pretending you're morally conflicted about it.
Patrick Klepek

'Days Gone' Is a Parody of Big Budget Video Games

The only interesting part of PlayStation 4's new exclusive is hidden behind dozens of hours of a zombie game you've played before, and better.
Matthew Gault
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It's 2012 All Over Again: We've Got 'Dragon's Dogma' Fever

There's also that PlayStation 5 stuff?
Patrick Klepek
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Sony Reveals First Details on PlayStation 5

The company is promising lightning-fast loading times, thanks to a built-in SSD, the ability to output 8K graphics, and more. As for games? We'll have to wait.
Patrick Klepek
The Gardens Between

'The Gardens Between' Is a Deeply Chill Puzzler That Won't Break Your Brain

Yes, sure, it involves time travel, but it's simpler than you think.
Patrick Klepek

'Astro Bot' Is a Nintendo Quality Platformer That's Also a VR Stunner

Wipe the dust off your VR headset, put the cables in the right spot, and spend some time with the game engineered to make you smile.
Patrick Klepek
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The Long, Weird Story Explaining Why I Bid $700 For a Stolen PSN Account

Justin has been using the same PSN account for 12 years. Then, someone tricked Sony into giving it away. Here's how I tracked it down, and started negotiating for its release.
Patrick Klepek

‘Anodyne,’ a Thoughtful 2D Zelda-Like, is Now on Consoles

‘Anodyne' is one of my favorite 2D Zelda-ish games, and it’s finally on PS4 and Xbox 1.
Danielle Riendeau

‘Spider-Man’ for PS4 Is Like a Marvel Movie—Fun, Polished, and Forgettable

Spidey’s latest video game adventure is the ultimate popcorn video game.
Matthew Gault
no man's sky

We Spent an Hour Talking to Hello Games About Everything ‘No Man’s Sky’

We touch on everything you might imagine: the game's launch, harassment, crunch, cut features, how they've spent the last two years improving the game, and much more.
Patrick Klepek and Austin Walker

I Hope Our Bleak Future Resembles the Music in 'Detroit: Become Human'

The video game is as triumphant as it is traumatic, and—in the case of one character’s story—that’s down to the work of composer Philip Sheppard.
Ryan Bassil