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Epstein Was Served with Another Underage Rape Accusation Just Days Before Being Found Injured on Jail Cell Floor

The pending lawsuit was filed by 32-year-old Jennifer Araoz, who alleged that Epstein raped her at just 15, according to NBC.


Jeffrey Epstein Just Got Denied Bail

Judge Richard Berman determined Epstein was a danger to the community and a flight risk.


Alex Acosta Is Leaving the Trump Administration After Defending Secret Plea Deal with Epstein

Trump, standing alongside the labor secretary, said it was Acosta’s decision to leave.


Women are coming for the judge who let Baylor ex-frat president accused of sexual assault off with no jail time

Texas judge Ralph Strother accepted a plea of “no contest" from Jacob Anderson, a Baylor University student, in early December.


Why the Baylor ex-frat president accused of rape won’t serve any time in jail

He’ll just need counseling while on probation — and to pay a $400 fine.


The judge kicked off the bench for Brock Turner's sentence is crowdfunding his legal bills

Judge Aaron Persky needs help paying off $135,000 by Dec. 31.


Not Even Tax Fraud Can Keep 'The Situation' Away from the 'Jersey' Reunion

A judge gave Mike Sorrentino the OK to film 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' after the reality star copped to tax evasion.


Former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert Will Plead Guilty in Hush Money Case

Hastert was charged in May with withdrawing nearly $1 million in small amounts and lying to the FBI about it, allegedly to cover up previous sexual misconduct.


Petraeus Gets Wrist Slap for Sharing CIA Intel as Other Leakers Face Harsh Sentences

Petraeus receives probation and a fine while others have been labeled "traitors," charged with espionage and served time in prison.