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Israeli Soldiers Mobilize in West Bank After Two Settlers Are Shot

The violence comes just days after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hinted he would end security cooperation with Israelis in the West Bank at a high-profile speech at the UN.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
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'Unprecedented Devastation': Both Sides May Be Guilty of War Crimes During Gaza Conflict

The long-awaited results of a year-long inquiry found that both Israel and Hamas violated international law during last summer's bloody war in Gaza — a conclusion that each side rejects.
Harriet Salem

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Disavows Two-State Solution to Woo Far-Right Voters

While Benjamin Netanyahu's critics note that he has always worked against a Palestinian state, Monday's remarks are the sharpest indication that he has abandoned a pledge he gave in 2009.
Harriet Salem

Suspects Identified in Deadly 1982 Terror Attack on Jewish Restaurant in Paris

International arrest warrants have been issued for the three men accused of killing six people 33 years ago during an attack on a famed kosher eatery in the heart of Paris.
Pierre Longeray
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A Decade After Arafat’s Death, Palestinians Reflect on the Leadership that Followed Him

Ten years after the death of the icon of their nationalism, Palestinians reflect on Arafat's legacy, including the troubled Palestinian Authority and the leadership that followed him.
Alice Speri

Opera About Palestinian Hijacking and Execution Provokes Outrage in New York

Hundreds of protesters and several prominent politicians assembled Monday night near Manhattan's Lincoln Center to decry a Metropolitan Opera production as anti-Semitic.
Mary Emily O'Hara
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Video of Aftermath of Israeli Strike on Gaza's Only Power Plant Emerges

The strike contributes to Gaza's already dire humanitarian situation, and came on one of the single deadliest days of fighting so far.
Olivia Becker