Point Break


Patrick Swayze's Old G-String Is Up for Auction

Along with a bunch of other strange items from the actor's estate.


Point Break Remake: This Shit’s For Real

Director Ericson Core wanted a “sense of authenticity and real peril” in the movie’s action sequences. So he enlisted a cadre of accomplished athletes to get it.


A Gang of Rich, White Surfer Dudes Is Terrorizing a California Beach Town

The Lunada Bay Boys have been assaulting outsiders since the 1960s—and local police won't do anything to stop it.


We Got a Kid Born in the 90s to Review Classic 90s Films

Those born in the 90s largely missed out, not only on all the economic prosperity and the golden age of comfortable flannel shirts, but on the films that the laid-back era produced.


Don't Hate On the New Point Break

Snowboarders Ralph Backstrom and Lucas DeBari rode as a stunt doubles in the new version of the film. The criticism, they say, is unjustified.