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Why ‘Sensible Soccer’ Is Still Gaming’s Friendliest Soccer Sim

It's almost 25 years old, but 'Sensi' remains the most accessible and user-friendly soccer game around.
Mike Diver

Video Games Are Better Than Ever So Why Are We Trying to Revisit the Past?

The Vega+ and Commodore PET phone show us that some gaming memories are better off as, well, memories.
Ian Dransfield

‘The Secret of Monkey Island’ Is Still a Perfect Video Game

It's ancient, slow, and you (almost) can't die in it. And yet LucasArts' 1990 adventure remains absolute gaming perfection for me.
Mike Diver

I Tried To Beat 'The Warlock of Firetop Mountain' As an Adult, and Sucked at It

I was totally obsessed with the Fighting Fantasy books, but I rarely played fair. So it's about time I tackled the first in the series properly.
Mike Diver
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Remembering the Classic Games of Shiny Entertainment

The now-defunct Californian studio's David Perry discusses some of the company's finest work, including "Earthworm Jim" and 'MDK.'
Ewen Hosie
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Celebrating Ten Years of ‘F.E.A.R.,’ the Scariest Office Simulator Ever Made

Looking back at a first-person shooter that terrified me in an unintentional way.
Suriel Vazquez
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What the New Tony Hawk Game Gets Wrong About Nostalgia, ‘Transformers: Devastation’ Nails

Activision has just released two old-looking new games, but only one of them doesn't shit on your memories.
Mike Diver
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I'll Never Love a Console Like I Loved the SEGA Game Gear

The battery-chugging handheld is 25, and while it failed to match the sales of the Game Boy, it remains a special piece of SEGA history.
Alex Dale
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The Greatest Moments of ‘Assassin’s Creed’

Seven of the scenes that have made the historical-action-goes-sci-fi adventure series as unique as it is.
Rory Kelly
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A Guide to the Worst Video Game Controllers Ever Made

From the Atari Jaguar pad to the giant monstrosity that was the original Xbox controller.
Mike Diver
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How 'Your Sinclair' Magazine Changed Gaming Journalism Forever

The ZX Spectrum is a relic, tech trash by yesterday's standards, but the legacy of its leading magazine is immeasurable.
Ben Hopkins
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These Are the Only Sensible Responses to Today’s ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ Incident

We know that Sony and Nintendo were trying for a baby, but is this a prototype or a total wind up?
Mike Diver