Pok Pok


Stir-Fried Instant Ramen Noodles with Pork and Cabbage Recipe

Instant ramen noodles: they're not just for soup.


Pok Pok Needs Your Help Finding Their Stolen Food Truck, Ken

The Portland-based Thai restaurant last saw Ken at 4:07 this morning.


Gin Punch Recipe

A citrusy, tropical gin punch straight from Miami.


The Sea Bass at This London Thai Restaurant Might Stare at You

“It looks a bit scary—a bit of fried fish head staring at you,” admits co-head chef Andy Oliver of the signature whole-fried sea bass at London Thai eatery Som Saa. “But it’s really fun to eat. It’s how they’d serve it in Thailand.”


MUNCHIES Presents: On Tour With the Mission Chinese Food Cookbook

Expect the unexpected when Danny Bowien does a cookbook tour: In addition to an all-star lineup of chef friends, a punk supergroup is on the bill.


How Portland’s Thai Food Queen Turned a Cart from Craigslist into an Empire

Nong Poonsukwattana found her first food cart in 2009 off an anonymous Craigslist ad. Today, her burgeoning food empire is a Portland staple. But it is hard to believe that all of that buzz comes from just one dish: chicken and rice.


Win Tickets to a MUNCHIES Dinner Party with Andy Ricker in LA

We want to give you two tickets to an intimate dinner in Los Angeles cooked by Andy Ricker of the acclaimed Pok Pok restaurant empire and our very own documentary FARANG.


FARANG: The Story of Chef Andy Ricker

Farang, the Thai word for foreigner, is the story of chef Andy Ricker and how he spun a 25-year obsession with Northern Thailand into the hit success that is his Pok Pok restaurant empire. This feature-length film, FARANG, explores Andy's story from...


Chef Andy Ricker Has Always Been Destined for Greatness

The first line of my first review of Andy Ricker's Portland restaurant, Pok Pok in 2006: "You think you know Thai food, but you don't." It was true then, and it's true now. But I already knew people would surely flock to his doors like a methadone...


Northern Thailand’s Raw Food Movement Involves Blood and Guts

The mention or thought of consuming raw blood in the western world would immediately turn most people into Woody Allen types, but I’m an American ex-pat living in northern Thailand. Here's my own visual guide to some of the best bloody representations...


Farang, the Story of Chef Andy Ricker - Trailer

Here's the trailer for our first feature length food documentary on legendary chef, Andy Ricker, the guy with a relentless obsession with Thai cuisine and culture.