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I Guarded an Arctic Base Against Polar Bears at the Frontline of the Apocalypse

The DEW Line was built in the fifties to warn of a nuclear threat. I guarded six workers there from polar bears.
Duncan Ferguson

Hyperreal Polar Bear Paintings Are as Sweet as Can Be

Imagine a fantasy world were the bears majestically float in space and laze in flowers.
Diana Shi

We Are All This Polar Bear, Praying for an End to This Madness

We are animals, a screaming missile of hunger and horniness shooting straight from the womb to the tomb.
Drew Brown

How to Get a Job Cooking at the South Pole

Darby Butts, the new food service supervisor at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica, was a general manager at an Annapolis pub before he embarked on a journey to cook at the southernmost place on Earth.
Rachel Anne Warren

A Polar Bear Raided the David Attenborough Film Crew’s Wine Supply

While filming in the Arctic region of Svalbard, the film crew on David Attenborough’s new wildlife documentary series had their hut ravaged by a wine-seeking polar bear.
Phoebe Hurst

I Spent 24 Hours with Greenpeace During Their Latest Illegal London Action

I joined the group as they wheeled a polar bear the size of a double-decker bus in front of Shell HQ.
Michael Segalov

We Watched Greenpeace Park a Gigantic Polar Bear Outside Shell's London HQ This Morning

The protesters hope to remain locked up inside the double-decker bus-sized beast until Shell stops drilling in the Arctic.
Michael Segalov, Photos: Jake Lewis

Bizarre Vintage Photos of Nazis Posing with Men in Polar Bear Costumes

This is a very weird snapshot of German and American history.
Thomas Marsh

MUNCHIES Presents: Cooking Polar Bear Meat and Caribou Head in the North

Inuk resident Angela Hovak Johnston teaches her son how to cook polar bear meat along with other traditional country food dishes such as caribou heart soup and caribou head.
Munchies Staff

There's Always a First Time for Eating a Caribou Head

I joined Angela Hovak Johnston, an Inuk woman living in Canada's Northwest Territories, and her 13-year-old son for his first taste of caribou and polar bear meat—traditional foods in an area where few other options are available.
Pat Kane

Pollution Is Damaging Polar Bears’ Dicks

This could increase the risk of the bears going extinct, as it's tricky to reproduce when your penis is at risk of fracturing in two.
Luke Holland
The VICE Report

Polar Bear Man - Part 2

Last July, a hiker was savagely mauled by a polar bear in the Arctic. We went back with him to the scene of the attack to investigate why climate change is causing polar bears to target humans.
VICE Staff