polar bears


A Complete Breakdown of This Horny Christmas Display

You think the joke is that they’re banging, but that’s just the beginning.


Cruise ship crew members killed a polar bear on a remote island in Norway

They said the bear “unexpectedly attacked” in a remote part of Norway where there are more polar bears than people.


Starving polar bears are now the “poster species” for climate change deniers

Bloggers use the plight of polar bears to peddle misinformation about climate change, a new study found.


Meet the Coca-Cola-Obsessed Woman Who Made Her House Into a Soda Shrine

Maybe you "like" soda, but you ain't seen nothing until you've visited Pat Reidy's over-the-top domain of Coca-Cola worship in Veracruz, Mexico. This is obsession.


Watch a starving polar bear rummage through trash for food because of climate change

A biologist caught a devastating glimpse of the effects of climate change on camera: A starving polar bear scavenging fruitlessly for scraps of food on dry land.


80 Percent of Climate Denier Blogs Reference This One Canadian Zoologist

A University of Victoria adjunct prof has become climate deniers’ go-to source on polar bears.


I Guarded an Arctic Base Against Polar Bears at the Frontline of the Apocalypse

The DEW Line was built in the fifties to warn of a nuclear threat. I guarded six workers there from polar bears.


Artists Create Stunning Murals to Raise Awareness of Ocean Conservation

PangeaSeed combines the worlds of art and activism to spread an important message about protecting oceans.


Climate Change Deniers Think Polar Bears Are Thriving in a Melting Arctic

Apparently this climate change mascot is just part of the liberal agenda.


How to Scare a Bear in the Arctic Circle

In the arctic, every decision you make has potentially life threatening consequences


A New Report Says Global Warming Will Cost Millennials $8.8 Trillion

Thanks to rising temperatures, we're all going to be dead—and also poor!