police corruption


Chicago gang cops lied to judges so they could steal drugs, cash, and cigs, prosecutors say

Sgt. Xavier Elizondo and Officer David Salgado were supposed to help the city of Chicago fight gang violence and drug trafficking. Prosecutors say they made it worse.


‘This Is the Police’ Is a Timely Video Game About Police Corruption

The debut from Belarusian studio Weappy is a strategy affair in which officer Jack Boyd will be getting his hands more than a little dirty.


Teen Accuses 28 Cops of Having Sex With Her, Claims Corruption

Eighteen-year-old sex worker "Celeste Guap" says she exchanged sex with at least 28 Oakland police officials for cash or confidential information.


​The Strange Rise and Violent Fall of Long Island's Dirtiest Police Chief

Former Suffolk County Chief James Burke's recent conviction on civil rights charges opened a window into a lurid cop culture of illegal wiretapping, cover-ups, sex addiction, drunk driving, and blackmail.


How an Iconic Zine's Indecency Trial Exposed a Web of Police Corruption

In 1970, the counterculture magazine OZ got a load of school kids to edit an issue full of naked women and ads for sex toys, which didn't go down too well with the Met's Obscene Publication Squad.


​Is Police Corruption Inevitable in the War on Drugs?

The black market for drugs creates all sorts of twisted incentives for agents of the law.


French 12-Year-Old Is The Latest Victim Of A Wave Of Kidnappings In Madagascar

The abduction underlines escalating security concerns for the island's Karana community amid allegations of police corruption.


Strippers Are Suing the San Diego Police for Making Them Pose for Photos in Their Underwear

Working on the San Diego Police Department's vice squad is like being a fraternity bro with a gun holster—which is why 30 strippers are now suing the SDPD for what they call harassment from the cops.


After a Police Dog Bit His Leg, This Protester Was Jailed Thanks to a Cop's Testilying

The expensive consequences of New York City's heavy-handed approach to policing protest have been on display lately, with video evidence playing a key role. But what happens when there's no footage to disprove shady testimony from corrupt cops?


Central Asia Rally Was the Worst Journey of My Life

I'm standing on the side of a busy road in Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, about 50 miles from the Georgia-Russia border, because our route on the inaugural Central Asia Rally (a 5,000-mile car rally from Budapest to Tajikistan) had to take a massive...