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People in Detroit are hiring paramilitary guards because they've lost faith in the government

Detroit's police shortage and ongoing retention problem has brought a wave of private security companies.
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Seattle is proving Jeff Sessions wrong about federal police oversight

Carter Sherman
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This trans police officer is building a bridge to Seattle's LGBT community

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College Kids Are Now Going Around Slapping Police Horses in Canada, Apparently

Three people have been charged following multiple horse-slapping incidents at Queen's University in Ontario.
Allison Tierney
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The Cop Pioneering a New Approach to Reporting and Investigating Sexual Assault

Oregon police officer Carrie Hull has revolutionized the way her department treats survivors of sexual violence. Now her "You Have Options” initiative is rolling out nationwide.
Sirin Kale

New Report Reveals an Insidious Culture of Sexual Assault and Harassment in an Australian Police Force

Alongside abusing their own members, allegations include grooming, stalking, and sexually assaulting vulnerable members of the community.
Wendy Syfret

A Cop Explains How Drunk Idiots Make His Job a Nightmare

Getting spat on, being attacked with stillettos, and breaking up fights is all in a day's work when more than half of all police time is spent trying to deal with boozed-up idiots.
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Baltimore Judge Sets Trial Dates for Officers Accused of Killing Freddie Gray

The officer whose case will go to trial first is expected to be a key witness against the driver of the police van in which Gray was injured.
Jack Gilbert
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Six Cops Charged in Freddie Gray's Death Will Be Tried in Baltimore

A Baltimore judge ruled that a fair trial can be conducted in the city, rejecting the defense team's request to relocate due to the intense publicity and politically charged nature surrounding Gray's death.
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Why Do Female Indonesian Police Recruits Need Virginity Tests?

The Indonesian police force's insistence that female police officers under go an invasive gynaecological exam is an example of the country's ongoing issues of women's and gender rights.
Andrea Booth