police shootings

police shootings

“Mom, They Shot Me”: 12-Year-Old Was Sitting on His Bed When Chicago Cop Shot Him

"Our lives changed behind this," the boy's mother said. "It will never be the same."
Kelly Vinett
Outlawing Fashion

Louisiana City Is Reconsidering Its “Saggy Pants” Law After Black Man Shot By Police

Anthony Childs was killed after a confrontation with Shreveport police over saggy pants.
Emma Ockerman
Stephon Clark

Cops arrested 85 people protesting the killing of Stephon Clark. The mayor wants answers.

Sacramento police detained a Sacramento Bee reporter in handcuffs.
Tess Owen
Stephon Clark

It's not too late for California to charge the cops who shot and killed unarmed black man Stephon Clark

The district attorney won't charge the Sacramento Police officers who shot and killed Clark, who only had an iPhone on him, in his grandmother's backyard.
Tess Owen
Jason Van Dyke

Prosecutors wanted at least 18 years in prison for Jason Van Dyke. He just got less than 7.

The former Chicago police officer faced up to 96 years in prison for shooting Laquan McDonald 16 times on the night of October 20, 2014.
Tess Owen
police shootings

Why Jason Van Dyke's conviction matters: Cops are almost never found guilty of on-duty murder

The verdict against Officer Van Dyke marked a historical day in Chicago, where a cop hasn't been convicted of murder on the job in nearly 50 years.
Tess Owen
police shootings

The LAPD just released a 10-minute video showing a deadly shooting during a traffic stop

The video shows an unnamed female LAPD officer being shot at point-blank range by a guy described as a gang member on probation.
Tess Owen
police shootings

White cop who fatally shot unarmed Hispanic man five times will face manslaughter charges

Officer Jonathan Roselle said he'd "fucked up" after killing Joseph Santos outside a Pennsylvania amusement park.
Tess Owen
police shootings

When can cops legally shoot someone running away from them?

It’s happened to Stephon Clark in Sacramento, California; Maurice Granton in Chicago, Illinois; and Walter Scott in Charleston, South Carolina.
Tess Owen
police shootings

"Please don't shoot me": Body cam footage shows police fatally shooting Thurman Blevins Jr from behind

Two police officers shot and killed the 31-year-old black man — who appeared to have a gun — from behind after a frantic foot chase through a residential Minneapolis neighborhood.
Tess Owen
Black Lives Matter

Thurman Blevins was shot and killed by police in Minneapolis. His community wants to know why.

The two-line report leaves many questions unanswered, and witnesses have provided some conflicting accounts.
Alex Lubben
police shootings

Police shootings in Detroit are on the decline. But we still don’t know the whole picture.

Detroit recently emerged from federal oversight and implemented many reforms.
Carter Sherman
Rob Arthur