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The Nation of Islam Promised to Protect Beyoncé if the Cops Won't

In a sermon, Louis Farrakhan defended Beyoncé, saying that the singer "started talking all that black stuff... and white folks were like, 'We don't know how to deal with that.'"
VICE Staff
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The Largest Police Union in the Country Ominously Says It Has a 'Surprise' in Store for Quentin Tarantino

"Something could happen anytime between now and [the Hateful Eight premiere in December]."
River Donaghey

How Police Unions Are Using Protests, Boycotts, and Shady Tactics to Fight Reform

As the national debate over law enforcement tactics heats up, cops aren't hesitating to decry what they see as an assault on their rights.
Ray Downs
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Alabama ​Police Killed a 'Sovereign Citizen' Who Was Dropping Off a Stray Animal at a Shelter

On Tuesday, police in Dothan, Alabama, fatally shot a reported member of the loosely-defined "sovereign citizen" movement after he refused to show a government-issued ID to employees at an animal shelter.
Lucy Steigerwald
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Let's Please Not Have an Anti-Anti-Cop Backlash

The execution-style murder of two Brooklyn cops this weekend is an outrageous tragedy, but it shouldn't detract from the broader fight to reform America's police.
Lucy Steigerwald

New York City Is on Edge After Saturday's Police 'Assassination'

Local cops, already known not to be huge fans of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, are now openly disrespecting him after two of their own were executed by a lone gunman in Brooklyn.
Kristen Gwynne

The Police Lobby Has Far Too Much Power in American Politics

If we want to stop cops from killing civilians, we need to reduce the influence law enforcement has on the levers of government.
Michael Tracey