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Stop Turning Overwatch Characters Into Cops

A new skin for Brigitte celebrates police militarization.
Dante Douglas
police brutality

Florida sheriff's deputy still has his job after punching and pepper-spraying a black teen

Tens of thousands of people, including the mayor, have called for his dismissal.
Emma Ockerman
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I Was Tortured into Giving a False Confession to Chicago Police

"I never knew about cops setting people up until it happened to me."
Nicholas Cannariato
national anthem

The NFL will begin fining teams whose players don't stand for the national anthem

“It was unfortunate that on-field protests created a false perception among many that thousands of NFL players were unpatriotic,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.
Alex Lubben
Police Quest

How Sierra and a Disgraced Cop Made the Most Reactionary Game of the 90s

In the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles riots that ruined his reputation, Daryl Gates found himself in a point-and-click professional afterlife.
Duncan Fyfe
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How to stop cops from needlessly killing so many people

Dozens — perhaps hundreds — of police shootings can be avoided, according to current and former police officers and independent experts who train cops about when and how to use deadly force.
Keegan Hamilton
police shootings

Police shoot far more people than anyone realized, a VICE News investigation reveals

A VICE News investigation of both fatal and nonfatal police shootings nationwide shows cops shoot more than twice as many people as previously understood.
Allison McCann
Keegan Hamilton
Taylor Dolven
Kathleen Caulderwood
Carter Sherman
police shootings

What it's like to survive being shot by the police

VICE News interviewed survivors of nonfatal police shootings about how the incidents upended their lives.
Keegan Hamilton
Kathleen Caulderwood
Carter Sherman

Why it's so hard for victims of police abuse to sue and win

A VICE News investigation reveals that an obscure rule protects cops and blocks justice for their victims.
Taylor Dolven
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Trump Said He's 'Seriously Considering' Pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The former Arizona sheriff was recently found guilty of contempt of court in connection with his legacy of encouraging racial profiling.
Drew Schwartz
Criminal Justice

Why We Need to Focus on How Black Women Are Harmed by Police Violence

Two years after Sandra Bland's death, the specific impacts of police brutality on women of color remain understudied and underreported. With her forthcoming book, "Invisible No More," Andrea J. Ritchie is working to change that.
Victoria Law
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Cop and Husband Charged with Murder for Denny's Chokehold

Video from the incident shows the two pinning down 24-year-old John Hernandez while bystanders scream for them to stop.
Drew Schwartz