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We talked to the political cartoonist fired after 25 years for being too critical of Trump

Rob Rogers was fired from his job at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette because he was too angry — and too anti-Trump.


Cartoonist Boldly Uses Art to Combat Oppression in Israel and Palestine

Mohammad Sabaaneh has been jailed for his controversial drawings but continues to create politically charged work his way.


Bold Political Illustrations Grapple With the Modern Age

Kevin Niggeler is a Milan-based artist bringing colorful vibrancy to the news.


A Political Cartoonist Puts His Pen to Theater

Leo Butler’s new play, 'Boy,' takes aim at London austerity. Who better to illustrate it than young political cartoonist Ben Jennings?


Hey America, Wake the Fuck Up

Alex Schubert is MIA again this week. Filling in for him is comics legend Ron Regé, Jr. This week's comic has more political outrage then ever before seen in Fashion Cat.


Thanksgiving Is the Least Racist Holiday We Have

Thanksgiving is a holiday about inclusion and harmony. While our politicians debate immigration reform, perhaps it's time we remember that.