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Sarah Silverman, Who Did Blackface, Doesn’t Think You Should ‘Cancel’ People

"It’s almost like there’s a mutated McCarthy era, where any comic better watch anything they say."


'Family Guy' Is 20 Years Old and America Still Can't Decide if It Sucks

Seth MacFarlane's animated sitcom has been offending people for 20 years, today.


Al Roker's Doc Brown Halloween Costume Wasn't Whiteface, You Dummies

My fellow white Americans, please shut up and listen already.


Anti-Immigrant Vigilantes Are Rebranding as Free-Speech Defenders

Groups with a legacy of armed border patrols and anti-government militancy are finding new life under Donald Trump.


Milo Yiannopoulos Got $12M to Start a Touring Company for Trolls

Milo Inc. sounds less like a right-wing media company and more like a Live Nation for vloggers who shout about globalism.


How One Academic's View on Gender Pronouns Sparked a Citywide Debate

In short: his perspective caused a bit of a shitshow.


Four Years at a Liberal Arts College Turned Me into a Conservative

"I quickly learned that the general aim of each class was to identify something problematic, discuss it, and then refuse to do anything about it."


We Asked Kids Raging at Spring Break if They Think College Is Too PC

"People overreact to a lot of things they shouldn't."


Vegas Knights: A Conversation with Sir Elton John

I flew to Las Vegas to talk to Elton John about music, misery, his new show on Beats 1, flaming vaginas and watching Miley Cyrus in the nude.


Nakkiah Lui Does Blackfella Humour For Everyone

The 'Black Comedy' writer and performer knows difficult conversations are easier to have when the audience is laughing.


Modern Comedians Complaining About the 'PC Police' Are Cry-Babies

If you think funny folk have it rough today, consider that comedians in the mid 1900s were jailed, fined, sued, and harassed for the offensive things they said during performances.


Seinfeld2000's Guide to Jerry Seinfeld, Political Correctness, and the Internet News Cycle

The "knee jerk store" called and they're running out of hot takes. Well, I have one coming right up and it's the hottest of them all.