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Ephelant and Time's 'How To Sew Wounds With Words' Is an Anarchist Hip-Hop Rallying Cry

"All they want is capital, I'm looking for change that's actual."
Kim Kelly
Holy Shit

Dawn Ray'd's Anarchist Black Metal Keeps It Grim up North on 'A Thorn, A Blight'

Dawn Ray'd latest album is a Molotov cocktail of black metal, crust, ambient, neoclassical, screamo, and radical politics; stream it in full here.
Kim Kelly
thump news

Rabit and Chino Amobi Dropped a Two-Track EP, 'Izlämic Europe'

One track is eponymous to the title, the other track is called "Burning Tower".
Michael Scott Barron
Scene Reports

Istanbul's Genre-Mixing Music Scene Won't Be Silenced By Limits on Free Expression

Turkey is a melting pot of cultures, and its storied capital is no exception. Explore arabesque, hip-hop, post-punk, and more from the conflicted, cosmopolitan city where East meets West.
Leyla Hamedi
Longreads Or Whatever

Why Do Most British Musicians Not Give a Shit About the Politics That Affect Their Fans?

In the 'NME' this week, you can find 23 artists talking politics, and the takeaway message is damning.
Emma Garland

A No-Bullshit Review of Pop Music in 2014

Starring thinkpiece pop, Killer Mike, rave nostalgia, and the same boring white guys with guitars.
Sam Wolfson

The National Helped Elect Obama, but Don't Call Them a Political Band

I read 27 interviews with the National to prepare for my time with them. There were six questions that every interviewer asked.
River Donaghey