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Can Torrents Power a More Democratic YouTube?

This teenage developer thinks so.


A Plugin Brings Streaming to the Pirate Bay, and Not Everyone Is Happy

Popcorn Time-like plugin allows users to easily "stream" content, prompting freeloading concerns


There's a Dark Web GitHub For Controversial Code

Just don't be an asshole now that you can code anonymously, okay?


The MPAA Killed Another Movie Torrent Site

YTS is gone for good, despite imitators claiming to be the real deal.


The Guy Who Made BrowserPopcorn is Shutting It Down For Good

Developer Milan Kragujevic said he will replace the app with a legal movie recommendation service, citing legal pressure.


The Music Industry Sued Aurous, the Popcorn Time for Music, Hours After Release

While like Popcorn Time in every other way, the RIAA says it pulled from illegal Russian filesharing sites instead of BitTorrent.


Major Labels Are Already Suing The "Popcorn Time of Music" App, Aurous

If the RIAA gets what it wants, Aurous will have the same doomed fate as Grokster, Limewire and Grooveshark.


Popcorn Time — the 'Netflix for Pirates' — Gives Easy Access to Illegal Films, but Hollywood is Pissed

Popcorn Time offers free downloads of a videoplayer and complimentary search engine, which make pirated films accessible to people who normally would be daunted by the complicated process of streaming illegal films.


Aurous Is BitTorrent Music for Your Dad

The decentralized music app is launching in alpha in the coming weeks.


Popcorn Time's Era of Lawsuit-Free Piracy Is Over

16 Popcorn Time users are being sued for allegedly streaming a bad movie.


'Popcorn Time for Porn' Lets You Stop Giving Money to Shady Tube Sites

It doesn't necessarily make watching free porn online any easier, but it could be more ethical.


Popcorn Time Is Opening Up Apple's Walled Garden

The Popcorn Time iOS app is about more than Popcorn Time.