Pope Benedict XVI


Pope Francis Touches Down in Mexico Today, But John Paul II Still Gets All the Love

In his first visit to the world's second most Catholic nation, the Pope will visit many troubled parts of the country.
Nathaniel Janowitz

Pope Francis to Meet With Raul Castro on Trip to Cuba — But No Dissidents

Francis won’t meet with any Cuban dissidents on his trip, but a Vatican spokesman suggested the pope could broach the subject of human rights in a private meeting with Castro.

What's Wrong with a Pope Made Out of Condoms?

'Eggs Benedict,' a 17,000-condom portrait by Niki Johnson, is only the most recent in a legacy of controversial art with religious iconography.
Marina Garcia-Vasquez

Here Are Some Great Photos of People Posing Next to a Cardboard Cutout of the Pope

There's a Flickr account with over 6,000 photos of people posing next to a cardboard pope, and these are some of the best shots.
Harry Cheadle

The PR Guru Behind the Pope Who Is Charming the World

Every modern-day media darling needs a PR machine, and Pope Francis is no exception. Enter Greg Burke: the 53-year-old Fox News correspondent turned Holy See handler.
Katie Engelhart
Gavin Haynes's Sleepless Nights

Why I Feel Sorry for the Pope Who Hung Up on God

Benedict is alone. He is ex-Pope. He has ceased to be pope. He is hanging up the pointy hat. He is turning over the keys to the golf buggy to a younger guy. From now on, when he tells young Africans that the best way to protect themselves from AIDS is...
Gavin Haynes