Why America Is Still Obsessed with White Castle Sliders

Listen up, stoners: “We are at the base of all metaphysics when it comes to hot and tasty food that is easy and fun to enjoy."


Finally, Donald Trump Breaks His Silence On Super Bowl XLIX

Behold, the single hottest and most inessential take on the most important play of Super Bowl XLIX, from our most inessential public citizen.


The Canadian Forces Still Can't Buy Decent Combat Boots

Canada's one-style-fits-all approach to combat boots has resulted in defective footwear and unhappy soldiers forced to buy their own kicks.


Gangs of Migrants Are Being Detained High Up in the Swiss Alps

The most remote asylum center in Switzerland is housed in an abandoned military bunker in the Alps. It's the first of many more to come.


A Storm Chaser's View of Typhoon Haiyan

When one of the strongest storms ever to form in modern times blew through the Philippines, it left a trail of death


What Happens After the Police Shoot Innocent Bystanders?

When the wrong person catches a bullet from a government-issued gun it’s often assumed that such collateral damage is unavoidable.


Why Was Vietnam Elected to the UN Human Rights Council?

Last week, the UN elected serial human rights repressor Vietnam to its 47-seat Human Rights Council (UNHRC).


Solitary Confinement Is a Legal Form of Torture in Canada

46 minutes outside of Montreal there's a supermax-style penitentiary whose isolation unit that can hold almost 300 inmates.


Unaccompanied Miners

On one of my last days in Potosí, I finally managed to arrange a meeting with a child miner who makes his living in the depths of Cerro Rico


Our Next Dystopia Is the Suburbs

As American cities boom, their suburbs crumble.


Trust Me, I'm Cool (An App)

Here's the thing with regard to relative coolness: it's good to be cool and it's hip to be square; no one likes to party with losers and if you'd like to have a say, it's important to stay on top of trends. Being cool is different than being "popular...