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Jakarta is the world's fastest-sinking city

Jakarta is sinking and its people are making the problem worse
Angad Singh
Laurel Chor
Hind Hassan
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Stop Telling People Not to Have Kids to Save the Planet

I'm terrified of climate change, but I became a parent anyway.
Kate Lunau
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Spain Appointed a Sex Commissioner to Get People Making Babies Again

The new government position is aimed at curbing the country's dropping birth rate, apparently.
Brian Moylan
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Why China's government wants its people to eat more potatoes

China has a problem: it has to feed 20 percent of the world's population with just 10 percent of the world's arable land.
Isobel Yeung

Watching Humans Take Over the Earth in 200,000 Years Is Pretty Relaxing

It took 200,000 years to reach the first billion humans, but only 200 years to get to seven billion.
Daniel Oberhaus

Here’s Proof that the World Isn't the Hellhole It Feels Like

The world is much better than it has ever been, as evidenced by the following economic data visualized by Max Roser at University of Oxford.
Amy Robinson Sterling

These Countries Now Have a Historic Imbalance of Men to Women

Some European countries are now reporting a historic dude imbalance. We asked population experts what this might mean for women.
Sirin Kale

China to Give Rights to Millions of Unregistered Citizens Born in Violation of One-Child Policy

Some 13 million citizens who are homeless, orphans, or who were born in violation of the country's strict one-child policy will now be granted papers allowing them to marry, travel, obtain healthcare, and enroll in school.
Reuters and VICE News

Meet the Data Scientist Revealing How Big China's 'Ghost Cities' Really Are

Baidu is revealing the truth about China's emptiest cities.
Jordan Pearson

I’m an Only Child Because of China’s One-Child Policy

China's one-child policy is over, but its cultural impact persists.
Yiwei Tian
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China's Lifted Its One-Child Policy and Here's What That Means for the Environment

The Chinese Communist Party announced on Thursday that families will be permitted to have two children, which could impact a wide range of environmental issues like carbon emissions, consumer consumption, and traffic.
Matt Smith

New UN Estimates Predict a Global Population of 11 Billion by 2100

It could be worse, sure, but things are bad enough already.
Michael Byrne