We Discover the True Cost of a Dollar Burger on the New Episode of 'VICE' on HBO

Watch the trailer for this Friday's episode from season four of our HBO show, airing March 4 at 11PM.
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Question of the Day: What do You Know About Halal?

Both Pauline Hanson and supporters for Reclaim Australia have suggested that halal food funds terrorism. We took to the streets to find out how widespread these beliefs are.
David Allegretti
VICE Premiere

See Pig Guts and Halloween Costumes in White Mystery's Music Video for 'Unteddy'

If you don't like good old-fashioned American rock 'n' roll, green wigs, and blood, well, find something else to watch.
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Photos of Beer, Beards, and Broken Heroes at Oktoberfest

Christian Nilsen's photos prove there's more to Oktoberfest than boozy debauchery.
Christian Nilson

This Slaughterhouse Wants You to See Where Your Meat Comes From

Danish Crown's policy of transparency is in stark contrast to that of the American meat industry. US slaughterhouses are closed to the public. But Danish Crown wants to show you 100 percent of what happens.
Roc Morin

Blood Collection the Cajun Way

Communal pig butchering is one of the last remnants of visible Cajun culinary traditions. This Louisiana custom is also one of the only ways to experience the primal first taste of boudin noir, Cajun sausage mixed with rice and fresh pig's blood.
Denny Culbert

A Muslim's Adventures in Pork

Although my family was never terribly religious, I was brought up Muslim enough to not eat pork. Several years ago, I broke with this tradition. I was doing boring freelance writing and wanted to create a personal project that would be both interesting...
T. Kid

Marijuana Fed Pigs Are Happy Pigs

Do you ever sit down to a nice, big porky meal and think: This is pretty good, but could this pig have more weed in it? Of course you have because you clicked on an article about stoner pork. Also, it’s an amazing idea.
Wendy Syfret