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25 Recipes for Pork, the Meat That Can Do Anything

To quote the venerable Homer Simpson, "Pork chops and bacon, my two favorite animals."
Munchies Staff
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Watch Matty Matheson Make the Crispy-Skinned Porchetta of Your Dreams

Take note of the über-delicate hot oil pouring technique. Don't burn yourself.
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Pork and Shrimp Shumai

The best thing about these dumplings? They couldn't be easier to assemble. They're like open little baskets of goodness.
Wilson Tang

Homemade Chorizo Sausage

Get your hands on some sausage.
Jamie Bissonnette
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Let Out Your Wild Side by Making This Wild Duck Sausage

For this recipe, you will need a sausage maker, ten feet of pork intestine, and a hunting rifle.
Munchies Staff

Why Everybody Needs to Calm Down About the 'Bacon Shortage'

The reserves are the lowest they’ve been since 1957, but they are, in fact, reserves.
Wyatt Marshall
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Why Being Friends with a Farmer Is the Best Way to Run a Thai Restaurant

“To get the best ingredient, you have to work with the person that makes it,” says chef Ben Chapman.
Daisy Meager
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Just Hold On, We're Going Home to Make Pork Belly Fried Rice

This fried rice recipe—which comes from chef Anthony Rose of Toronto’s Fat Pasha, Big Crow, Rose and Sons, and Schmaltz Appetizing—is a million, trillion times better than takeout.
Munchies Staff
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How to Make the Salty-Sweet Pork Belly Dish from 'Huang's World'

In tonight's episode of 'Huang's World,' Eddie Huang travels to China with his parents to explore his heritage as a Taiwanese-Chinese-American, and to discover the most important dish of his life: Red Cooked Pork.
Munchies Staff
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My Fatty, Crispy Love Affair with Fried Rice

Fried rice really is the perfect dish. It’s a vehicle to get your starch, you can make it veg-heavy, and a little bit of meat goes a long way.
Anthony Rose

Feasting with the Dead in the Mountains of China

I visited a remote village in China's Anhui Province to take part in celebrations of the deceased, all of which revolved around massive spreads of delicious, locally sourced food.
Clarissa Wei

Meet the Most Influential Man in Houston's BBQ Scene

There's a reason people wait hours in the Texas sun to get a taste of Ronnie Killen's brisket, ribs, sausage, and sides: his barbecue is truly next-level.
Hilary Pollack